Several organizations in Sevastopol have proposed forming a federative state, Malorossiya, and drafted an appeal to Sevastopol residents and to the local legislatures in southern, eastern and central Ukraine.

"A appeal has been drawn up to the regional, city and district legislatures in southeastern and central Ukraine to form the Federative State of Malorossiya, orientated to Russia, as well as a call to the Russian leadership and people, to the EU and to the world community," the Sevastopol Coordinating Center (SKS) said in a statement.

The SKS has been set up "to coordinate the work of all branches of authority in Sevastopol," the statement says. Also, "youth groups have been set up in the city under the leadership of retired servicemen" in order to maintain public peace and prevent provocation, it said.

"In view of real threat of a state coup and seizure of power by force in Ukraine, the headquarters of the Russian public and political organizations have met with representatives of youth, sport, Cossack, political and public organizations of the Russian Hero City Sevastopol," it says.

The meeting produced the decision "for Sevastopol to use its right to self-determination and to exit Ukraine's legal space in the event of a state coup, or seizure of power by force," the statement says.

An appeal has been prepared to residents of Sevastopol, and "a set of measures has been discussed to organize and hold a Sevastopol People's Assembly."

The decision was supported by 12 organizations: the United Rus party, the Coordinating Council of the Russian Organizations of Taurida and Sevasopol, the Russian Community of Sevastopol, the Movement for United Rus, the Russian Community Sobol, the Russian Sevastopol youth movement, the Black Sea Cossack Army, the Khramov Foundation rights organization, the Directorate of Cultural and Educational Programs, the Russian People's Union, the national movement For United Rus, and the pan-Crimean voters/ movement, For the Republic of Crimea.

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