April 12 is Cosmonauts' Day - the day when Russia celebrates accomplishments in space. The holiday is commemorated on April 12, because this is the day when in 1961, Yury Gagarin became the first human to fly into space. In 2011, the United Nations declared April 12 the International Day of Human Space flight.
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Soviet satellite de-orbits over Pacific

The Kosmos-1315 satellite, which was sent into space in 1981, has ended its ballistic existence, the Russian Defense Ministry told Interfax-AVN on Sept.1 with reference to specialists from the Aerospace Forces' main space monitoring center, which tracked the satellite's operations

Little pink piglet to become mascot of ISS expedition

The crew of the next expedition to the International Space Station (ISS) will determine a mascot which will accompany them to space, an Interfax-AVN correspondent reported at a pre-flight news conference of the ISS crew, which is being held in Star City, Moscow region

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