Not least among Russian traditions that Westerners find odd is Christmas - it comes 13 days late, "Santa" doesn't live in the North Pole and you wait until midnight on New Year's to hear...the President! RBTH tries to explain some of the peculiarities about winter holidays in Russia...

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Winter tales from the Russian Far East

Ajay Kamalakaran

Seeing flying minibuses, dodging avalanches, being trapped indoors for 3 days and fishing on frozen lakes and the sea are some of the experiences that come with spending long and extreme winters in the Russian Far East

New Year in Moscow


From Russia’s main Christmas tree and chime bells on Red Square to the holiday cheer ringing in Moscow’s pedestrian zones, RBTH tells you where to have New Year’s Eve fun in the capital

New Year dinner à la Russe

Elena Revinskaya

Known as “Russian Salad” all around the world, Oliviye is a popular winter salad traditionally made in Russia around the New Year

Snowboarders’ paradise? Sheregesh!

Elena Safonova

Sheregesh is the most famous ski resort in Russia. It’s located in the south of Siberia, 5 km from the eponymous village in Kemerovskaya Oblast’ (3,876 km from Moscow). The unique Siberian climate makes it possible to ski 7 months out of the year (from November to May). The location is perfect for enjoying the beauty of a genuine Russian winter!

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